François de Rugy will have to drink the chalice to the dregs. Since the charges of Mediapart and in spite of the favourable report commissioned by the general secretariat of the government and the investigation of the national Assembly, the matter of dinners lavishly that he would have organized is the honey of singer / songwriters and other entertainers. Thus, the very popular comedians in the mode field, the famous Bodin’s, come to write a new skit, so hilarious as cruel, which puts the spotlight on the now ex-minister of Ecology.

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A dinner, never mind the fresh cheese

The tone is set from the beginning of the mating bodinesque. The authoritative Maria receives a phone call from François de Rugy, who, it understands, is interested in the quality of the goat cheese, very organic, from the farm of Bodin’s: “Mr. François de Rugy, Hello! So what is it that brings you? You need cheese for a new fooding. No problem!”

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Before continuing his monologue devastating, Maria has time to catch his breath. The audience is laughing already loudly gorges deployed. The best comes right after, when the cunning peasant continues to say cooking advice: “… Behind the lobster, I would advise you instead of fresh cheese. It will be better!”

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The fall, the dessert should we say, of this sketch gourmet will be as tasty as they are cruel: “I bill it to that this time? The department or the national Assembly? Rather the ministry, it alternates, it is less questionable… And the fact my friendships to Balkany, and Carlos Ghosn, you are likely to again soon!”

Maria Bodin”s takes a command of François de Rugy for a “fooding”