In the presidential election in Belarus, which brought victory and sixth consecutive term, Alexander Lukashenko, had violated the principles of freedom and justice. Such an assessment was expressed by the head of us state Department Michael Pompeo.

He said that the official Minsk need to respect the rights of citizens to peaceful Assembly. The head of the diplomacy of the United States urged the Belarusian authorities to refrain from use of force.

the Secretary was echoed by White house spokesman Kaylee Makanani. According to her, the US administration is “deeply concerned” by the crackdown on protesters Belarusians.

the people of Belarus go to the protests demanding the resignation of Lukashenko, the second day, security forces detain protesters with the use of special equipment.

the CEC on the election results August 9, recognized the incumbent leader winner of which received 80% of votes. The main rival of the head of state Tikhanovski Svetlana gathered about 10% in their support, but disputes this result and calls a winner yourself.