While the Russians are waiting for the opening of the borders, Dr. Malyshev flew to the United States

well-Known TV presenter of the First channel Elena Malysheva boasted early vacation this year because of the pandemic coronavirus broke many Russians.

In her Instagram she said that went to the USA, where her son and his family. Malyshev posted a video of the Aeroflot’s aircraft, which flew from Sheremetyevo. In the caption to the video, the doctor urged the world to return to normal life after the epidemic of coronavirus.

Malyshev recalled that the coronavirus had her mother, brother and youngest son. According to the presenter, her family “all are alive and healthy.” However, the TV presenter admitted that much missed children and grandchildren who have not seen for six months, and decided to go to the USA itself.

meanwhile, the majority of Russians are still waiting for the resumption of flights abroad as the ban on international flights recently decided to extend until 1 August.

“a Normal life and care replacing the coronavirus,” — said Malyshev, wishing the Russians “to see their loved ones this summer.”

Note that malyshevoy in the US there is a house in new Jersey, as well as two apartments in new York, in an apartment on Park Avenue. U.S. real estate at the presenter of the First channel found previously FBK Alexei Navalny. As it turned out, she owns a mansion, the cost of which is $6.4 million.

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Finally started my vacation. It was the weirdest season in my life. We were filming without an audience, without Herman Shaevich of Handelman, we were afraid to come stars. I worked in three different programs, two of which daily. Our medical center during the entire outbreak continued to work, we worked with the coronavirus and all living things! Diet Elena Malysheva, too, survived, and we saved all the jobs. Believe me, it is veryü a good result. Today, many are closed and laid off employees. The coronavirus had my mom, brother and youngest son. All alive and well. I have not seen the children and grandchildren of six months. Finally I will see. Carry a suitcase of toys! Grandchildren were to arrive to us to Moscow. And live with us. But, nothing happened due to the coronavirus. Now I fly. Flying to help. My son all the time at work in the intensive care unit. He learns in a course on interventional radiology in one of the most famous cardiac hospitals in the United States. All flash son worked coronavirus in intensive care, not sick, and now the hospital comes back to cardiology. All this time at home son was waiting for his lovely pregnant wife and two young sons. This summer we are waiting for the birth of the first girl in our family. Normal life and care replacing the coronavirus. I want all of you to see with family this summer. And, of course, really looking forward to start normal life all over the world.

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Jul 6, 2020 at 1:30am PDT

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