We celebrate this day on the Monday of “Pentecost”. Of ecclesiastical latin pentecoste from the Greek pentekoste (fiftieth), it is translated in Hebrew shabhu oth , “feast of Weeks”. Thus, Pentecost literally means “fiftieth day after the Passover”.

there are Many expressions taken from the Bible. Like “This piece of furniture is as old as Herod!” This character of the New Testament massacred all the little boys under the age of two years. One can also speak of a “judgment of Solomon” to describe a judgment which is fair and insightful. Finally, a man is “poor as Job”: this very rich character, and whose faith is exemplary is one day put to the test. God withdraws all of its assets, in order to judge if the love of the Job is sincere. Satan makes people sick, and the striking of an ulcer. But, even in suffering and despair, Job refuses to “curse God”. The Lord “makes him the double of what he took,” and saves him.

Will you recognize these religious expressions? Le Figaro provides you with 1001 expressions favorite of the French of Georges Planelles and 100 phrases from the religious culture of Françoise Claustre, to discover in a short test.

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