It is blonde and charming, playful and passionate. White Lestrange is just 33 years old but she has already celebrated in October 2018, the tenth Fiac… From the inside! Because it there assumes, of a master hand, the programming of the performance that put the art living – free – of-charge to all the public. After studies in art history and a master’s degree at Sciences Po in cultural management, she comes in fresh for her first internship at the Fiac at the time of the international Fair of contemporary art is invigorated by the tandem of shock that formed the New zealander Jennifer Flay, and the French Martin Béthenod. Fire and ice, said in Paris.

” check out the entire (F, Art of living

Performance in the Cour carrée of the Louvre designed by the dancer
and choreographer Bouchra Ouizguen to the Outside of the walls of the Fiac art fair 2016. marc domage

When Martin Béthenod part joining the Pinault Collection at the Palazzo Grassi in Venice, and Jennifer Flay takes only the reins of this meeting of art and its market, it appeals to White Lestrange and entrusts him with the programming “outside the walls”. Facilities at the garden and back to the performance which brought it to a rolling boil in New York in the seventies. “It was out of the established boundaries of the art market, the separation of the classic disciplines and provide access to all of the artists who embody our time. This seems very normal nowadays, since there are spaces designed for performance in museums, in the Tanks at the Tate Modern in London or in the New MoMA that we will discover in October in New York. With time, we created a mapping of this festival performance. This year, there are nearly twenty, free to access and free,” she said. The sacred fire.

To the Fiac in 2017, for example, the Trisha Brown Dance Company pays tribute to the great dancer and choreographer american, who disappeared six months earlier, dancing in the museum spaces, the Louvre, the Gallery of the Great Formats of the Petit Palais. Clearly, art cannot be bought not only he lives in, is shared.

Blanche de Lestrange is a girl in the seraglio of the culture. His aunt Ariane is the right arm of the president Catherine Pégard at Versailles. His mother, Brigitte de Bazelaire, is an artist who works in ceramics. “In the past, she worked with the press at the Paris Opera house, and so I’ve seen a lot of ballet,” the vine that took ten years of classical dance. Good head, she “loves the biographies of Stefan Zweig (Marie-Antoinette, Fouché, Magellan) rather than his novels, the movies of Kusturica for their energy and their humour”, but listens to music after work. Among the artists, she values long since Laure Prouvost, “the artist fully committed to the magical universe that she was invited to the Fiac art fair in paris, five years ago. Among the dancers, the names abound, but dominates “François Chaigneau, choreographer and dancer extraordinary.” It would follow anywhere.