The schoolboy who confessed to the facts was indicted on Friday and imprisoned in an establishment with a section for minors and a psychiatric health unit.

Two silent processions were organized Monday under a blazing sun, one from the town hall, in the presence of Emma’s father, the other from the equestrian center frequented by the schoolgirl, in the presence of her mother dressed in black.

Her riding friends carried a “For Emma” sign, with little words and little paper hearts, in the procession which included three ponies, including Rubis, the one she used to ride.

“Is it for Emma?” Says an old man. In the crowd, a few voices respond; “yes”. Sorry, the man displays a sorry expression and puts his hand on his heart to show his support. The father thanks him.

The two processions, once assembled, walked together. Emma’s parents gathered where the teenager’s body was discovered Thursday morning, near the village primary school. A gravel heart, candles and rose petals marked the place.

Very moved, adults and young people placed their flowers and ribbons on the spot, with emotion and meditation.

“We all want to thank you for being there for Emma. Thanks to you, we want her to stay and things like this never happen again. We want you to hold our daughter alive through your hearts every day. days. Because we are going to need it, “said his mother, her voice choked, before thanking the crowd.

After the body was discovered on Thursday morning, suspicion quickly fell on her boyfriend, who was arrested at a nearby college the two attended.

In police custody, the schoolboy quickly confirmed having made an appointment with his girlfriend whom he often found at night and “having stabbed her three times in the neck”, according to the elements communicated by the justice. The victim “tried to flee, but the suspect tried to strangle him and then stabbed him again”, according to the same source.

The psychiatric examination of the young boy concluded to a significant alteration of discernment, without abolition, which opens the way to a criminal sanction. Without a criminal record, this minor risks up to 20 years in prison for murder.