His recent conviction to 5000 euro fine for incitement to the crime he or she has not served as a lesson. Nick Conrad, still unknown a few months ago, published Friday, a clip, Sweet land , in which the rapper multiplies the insults and provocations. Its chorus? “I have burned France, I fucked in France to the point of agony.” The following are various verses of the same ilk. Its title is a cover of ironic by Douce France of “the other con of Charles Trenet”, as it aptly Nick Conrad.

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In September, this native of Noisy-le-Grand, Seine-Saint-Denis, had made a first video clip entitled Hang the White , in which an adult white was beat up and kill. In Douce France , it is a woman, dressed in red, white and blue, he strangles them in front of his convertible. On Sunday, the Interior minister Christophe Castaner has “condemned without reservation and without ambiguity about the unspeakable and the clip odious Nick Conrad” and said that he would take the prosecutor of the Republic. The prosecutor’s office in Paris announced the opening Monday afternoon of a new preliminary investigation. To his defence after the release of Hang the White , Nick Conrad had explained that his song is a “fable”, a “pedagogic process” aimed at raising awareness of an injustice. Little convinced, as the judges had sentenced to 5,000 euros fine suspended sentence for incitement to crime.

“I’m not French. I am Afro-French”

In Douce France , the young man of origin in cameroon is split a warning in the beginning of the clip stating that “his vision as his interpretation require of the spectators prepared and moved away”. In the following video, it directly responds to the controversy from the fall and bragging about its passage in the premises of the police. “Apparently I became the chronicle, plays the singer. I dissect my text in the face of the POLICE (officer of the judicial police, editor’s note), they have not understood anything.”

“Royal is my DNA, criminal is my genius, my pen destroyed”, ignites Nick Conrad in on Douce France . An old song that reminds us of the numerous publications of his account Facebook, now deleted. The rapper is revealing her opinions. Denouncing a conspiracy anti-black, he called the “mutiny” because it is”in France, the Spirit of the Renois is still Colonized”. “I’m not French. I am an African-French, he said. The Afros, with the fighting and the pain will in the end gain self-determination.” Plunging into the history of Africa pre-colonial, he wants to send “a message of unity and black identity”. “The black man of intellectual and physical abilities as any human being. We are all extraordinary beings,” he told the site aucoindela34eme in 2016. At its release, Hang the White has received the support of Dieudonné, who saw in him an example of”a youth brimming full of talent”, in a publication now been removed.

From jazz to racial hatred

the area of Champy, Noisy le Grand, Nick Conrad has grown up in a protestant family of origin in cameroon. It is she who gives him a taste of the culture and of jazz. In Release , which devoted to a portrait full of empathy, in April, the young man explains that his father is a former diplomat who has lived through a violent social decline, becoming a laborer. After having studied trumpet at the conservatory of Noisy, he developed a passion for the rap by discovering MC Solaar. Reached as early as the childhood of a genetic disease, Nick Conrad spends a lot of time in hospitals. He obtained a bac pro in hotel-restaurant business before devoting himself to rap. A course of enamelled, according to Release , d'”assaults of skinheads, discrimination in hiring, humiliation at work…”

Started in music, at the intersections of hip-hop us, jazz, and traditional influence in cameroon, Nick Conrad connects the small rooms and the hip-hop festivals. In 2010 on the set of the channel France Ô, he sings Microphone master , under the name Nixon. The clip was produced with the support of the mairie of Noisy-le-Grand. Far from the words of Hang the White and Douce France , he talks about a career in music. In 2015, he released 130 coffins , as to pay tribute to the victims at the Bataclan, denouncing “the hatred that drives the hearts of men”. Now, Nick Conrad wears a bandana around the head, inflates the muscles in smoking a cigar, and multiplies the text violent. What has happened in the past?