Who mission to find China's

the world health organization is ready to send to China of its experts to find out the origin of the novel coronavirus.

sending a “scientific mission” is not yet agreed, said the head of the who programme on emergency health Michael Ryan.

According to him, China “opened” to who “found the origin of the coronavirus”.

Experts need to figure out who was staging the media, said the expert organization Maria van Kerkhove. While it is assumed that the virus can be transmitted to humans from bats and snakes or through or through the pangolin.

As the head of the who Tedros of Ghebreyesus, “finding the origin of the virus, we can prevent it from occurring in the future.”

China, as you know, rejects the hypothesis that the caller COVID-19 virus could be created in the laboratory. In Russia, such an assumption is recognized as a fake.

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