It is the great absent of the Victoires de la musique this year. The shadow of Johnny Hallyday risk of gliding on the Seine music, which is held Friday evening the 34th ceremony of the event which celebrates the diversity of the French scene. Expected to compete in the categories “album of songs varieties” and “male artist of the year”, the Elvis French is made to steal the limelight by Eddy de Pretto, Étienne Daho and Alain Bashung, vying with the album posthumous Upstream .

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A lack that complain to the fans, after the phenomenal success of the 51st disc of the former idol of the young, My country it is the love , sold over a million and a half copies. In the wake of the announcement of the appointments in the month of January, the hashtag #OnVeutJohnnyAuxVictoires2019 has been widely shared on social networks.

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Natacha Krantz-Gobbi, the president of the Victories of the music justified this absence in Paris Match this week. “It has always been a great friend of the Victories, and has won several, she explained. His album has been a phenomenon of sales exceptional, but the 600 voters have not placed among the first three.” The voters in question that they are professionals in the music industry, divided in three groups: producers, artists and other professionals of the musical world (press, broadcasters, etc.). They refer to the three artists who will compete in each category, after a first selection established by the direction of Victories. During the announcement of nominations, Natacha Krantz-Gobbi had hinted that Johnny Hallyday was, however, was short-listed in two categories, but did not have unanimous support from voters. Unlike Alain Bashung, who with his album posthumous upstream contributing in the category “album of songs”, ten years after his death.

sound Engineers, arrangers

But more than Johnny Hallyday, or other artists such as “Gims” or Mylene Farmer, it is the absence of names such as those Dominique Blanc-Francard, Andy Scott, Patrice Cramer, Mick Lanaro, Michel Coeuriot, Jannick Top, who is the most unfortunate. These names are unknown to the general public, are yet indispensable in the recording industry. These directors, arrangers, sound engineers, studio musicians are among the few to have been awarded in the framework of Victories, episodically, of the first edition in 1985 to the eighth in 1993. Today, none of these workers out of the shadow is not rewarded. However, the production of a song requires other participants that the interpreter, whose role is just as important as the mixer, the artistic director and, of course, the lyricist, whom no one has more beautiful feathers in France, Étienne Roda-Gil and Jean-Loup Dabadie, passing by Jean Fauque. None, however, has never been rewarded for his texts.