The hair of Marilyn Monroe are worth apparently more than diamonds, celebrated by the star in 1953 in his song Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend . “If you are dreaming since long time to acquire a lock of the hair of Marilyn Monroe, this is your lucky day,” writes Forbes. A company called Moments in Time, specialized in the trade of objects that belonged to famous people, offers hair of the legendary blonde bombshell for 16.500 dollars.” This represents approximately 14.500 euros.

Marilyn Monroe – “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” in “gentlemen prefer blondes”

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The wick, presented in a box, approximately 35 hair, expliqueFox News. It has apparently been picked up by Kenneth Battelle, the hairdresser of the actress from 1958 to 1962, the year of the death of the star of Misfits . It would have offered several strands of hair from the star to his friends, before his death in 2013, at the age of 86. One of the happy beneficiaries would have entrusted his at Moments in Time in order to sell it.

The drill is presented under glass, accompanied by a photograph of the actress

The company has not presented a photograph of the cheap hair on its site, but you can see one on the site of Fox News. The drill is presented under glass and framed. Another frame contains a picture very glamour of the actress, in black and white. Surprisingly, the wick appears light brown, which inevitably results in some doubts about its authenticity.

It must, however, remember that Marilyn was not naturally platinum blonde and décolorait hair with the force of the aggressive products, which has almost make them bald. Perhaps Kenneth Battelle, at the time where he cut the lock, was he to avoid this sad fate to the hair of his famous client in putting the gas pedal on the clarification? This is not the first time that hair is attributed to a star, sell very expensive. In 2016, locks of Justin Bieber have been sold to more than 46,000 dollars.