Widowed after a party with dry ice blogger had an affair four months later

the Blogger was a pharmacist Ekaterina Didenko, who became famous after parties with dry ice, the consequences of which her husband died, published in Instagram photo, which depicted in the arms of another man. According to the TV program.about, several media outlets suggested that Didenko had a relationship with actor Vlad Black.

Also, Didenko said in the “storis” to questions including whether she’s a young man. “There are things that I’m afraid to admit to herself,” wrote blogger. Such responses “with a hint” in the background of the bouquet and a photo with the stranger she gave to other similar questions, prompting a flurry of criticism from its readers.

“So fast?! I understand, life goes on on yourself. no need to bet, but not even a year has passed, and no more sorrow” — is perplexed in the comments.

we will Remind, in February of 2020 when the birthday celebration blogers in one of the bath complexes, the young people thrown into a pool of dry ice. Several people jumped into the water, and then began to choke from the fumes of carbon dioxide and to lose consciousness. Three persons, including spouse, with the introduction of Valentine, died.

After the tragedy Didenko was heavily criticized for the fact that having a medical degree did not know about the danger of such entertainments, and also became involved in all sorts of gear and then decided to improve their appearance by performing breast augmentation.

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