Tom Tirabosco is a wonderful artist of nature. Primitive, both hostile, dark, and rassérénant, it is once again, under the beautiful trait sooty of the author genevois, a space difficult to conquer. In wild Woman , comic anticipation on the background of the story involved, its young heroine decides to tackle the thorny challenge.

The story is set in a near future, the United States, the world collapses, the victim of a savage capitalism and in the throes of massive climate change. While the wealthy have retreated to a safe area, a group, The Rebels, took refuge in the wilds of the Yukon, in Canada. Eco feminist, furious, and exasperated by this world in perdition, a young girl decides to join them. It must then survive alone in the nature. Hunt, make a fire, keep out the cold, of the other… his journey solitaire requires to find the gestures of our ancestors. The difficulties pile up, but his encounter with a creature that came from another time will change that.

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Combining brilliantly with personal reflections and adventure story, wild Woman immerses the reader in the heart of nature, back to primitive, far from a world ultratechnologique that shapes a society devoid of any feeling and link collectively. Relayed by the trait powerful Tom Tirabosco, this history that is at once disenchanted and full of hope, adds to the majesty of nature, the richness of human relations based on solidarity and the return to real values. A design born from the complex technique of monotype, which requires time, patience, and integrates the accident: “there is a form of resistance in my design, compared to the current trend that is drawing a very clear, smooth, scanned and clean,” explains the author. With Tom Tirabosco, nature resumes its rights.

THE BOX BD: decryption by Tom Tirabosco

This board, one of the most constructed of the album, illustrates the determination of a youth that wants to go forward. Tom Tirabosco/ Futuropolis

“This board is located at the beginning of the album. The heroine, constantly on the alert, provides a rare moment of reverie and serenity. A break that I wanted to illustrate with a cutting classic and regular-type waffle iron, based on the repetition of squares that are identical in their format. The structure of the album is rather broad and organic and it is one of the pages you built the album, with this interlacing of the face of the heroine and night moth in the first four boxes.

This symmetry in the diagonal allows me to play on the frames. The zoom on the girl’s face shows his dark eyes, animated by anger and a determination infallible. Then, he operates a shift towards a wider shot showing the heroine and her makeshift camp to complete finally on a box representing the infinite space. In this page I summarize in any way the motivations of my character in the story, confronted with the infinitely small, represented by the butterfly, and the infinitely large, shown by the starry sky. It is a way of signifying that their individual journey is in a present time but that it is also in a consciousness that is more holistic, that of the great organization of the living.

“This is a character to break with his family, with a sick society and dehumanised”

Tom Tirabosco

In its construction, the board also highlights a gap between what is told and what one sees. Then she watches the butterfly, the girl we are talking about something else. This relationship between the text and the image I’m particularly interested in comics. The different reading levels between the drawing and the words are for me the great strength of this item

The board is based on a duality. The character originates both to his primary instincts, with the evocation of a return to hunting (the hare death) for food, and the universe ultra-sophisticated to the stock exchange of Wall Street (another type of jungle). Between the two, she chose. She decides to reconnect with nature and wild gestures that no longer exist in the urban world and technology that she has decided to leave. This is a character to break with his family, with a sick society and dehumanised, who goes in search of a community of women and man living self-sufficiently and in harmony with their natural environment, a kind of zadistes hidden in the forests of the Yukon in canada.

Thinking about our future

My work comes from the COMIC to advance and the story intimate, crossed visions in the shamanic and ecological considerations. In an off-voice, the album offers the reader the possibility of a total empathy with the character. This plate shows all the game that underlies the wild Woman ; a back-and-forth between the interiority of his character, his “ruminations”, and the harshness and the brutality of the outside world. The microcosm and the macrocosm, the now and the beyond, the wild and the high-tech… It is also a reflection on our future and on the possible collapse of our western civilization, in part inspired by the trials exciting young researchers in particular, Pablo Servigne, Raphaël Stevens or Gauthier Chapel.”

wild Woman , Tom Tirabosco, editions Futuropolis, 25 euros.