While the public prosecutor and the civil parties oppose his release from prison, the defense lawyers denounce an attack on the presumption of innocence.

“We pleaded at length, before an extremely attentive magistrate,” said Alexandre Martin, one of Cédric Jubillar’s lawyers, at the end of the hearing convened by the judge of freedoms and detention (JLD).

“We are at an important stage in terms of procedure where the law requires justice to take stock after a year”, explained Emmanuelle Franck, one of the lawyers for this 34-year-old plasterer painter.

The councils of the Tarnais were delighted to have faced “a conscientious and independent magistrate”, they who had come out irritated from several hearings following their requests for release, all rejected.

“He is a judge who has a fresh look at this case and who listened, took notes during these long hours of pleading and who decided to reflect and render his decision next Monday,” said Martin.

The hearing was held behind closed doors, as has often been the case in this case that arose on the night of December 15 to 16, 2020, when Delphine, who worked as a night nurse in a clinic in Albi, disappeared. of the house where the couple lived with their two children, in Cagnac-les Mines (Tarn).

The defense was more optimistic than usual, after a year and a half of an investigation in which Cédric Jubillar is the main suspect.

– “Disintegration” of the accusation –

“The prosecution’s arguments are still the same, they have not changed and they have crumbled a little since the public prosecutor’s press conference of June 18, 2021”, estimated Me Jean-Baptiste Alary, also lawyer for Cédric Jubillar.

Once again, his advisers have claimed his innocence, highlighting an element which, according to them, “clears him completely”.

“We know that Delphine’s phone was manipulated at a time when Cédric Jubillar is with the gendarmes”, asserted Me Martin, referring to the activation of the victim’s mobile phone at 6:52 a.m. the night of his disappearance.

“Detention is the exception and freedom is the principle, the presumption of innocence is the principle”, hammered Me Martin.

Without overwhelming evidence, confessions, crime scene or body that can deliver decisive elements, the investigators have however considered so far to have gathered a body of evidence sufficient to justify the maintenance in prison of the thirty-something.

For Mourad Battikh, lawyer for several parents of the nurse, Cédric Jubillar “absolutely cannot be released”.

“It would create a serious disturbance to public order, concerning the safety of my clients, who would not be calm to know it was free. And then the serious and consistent indications that have been accumulating for a year and a half point of continued detention,” Battikh told AFP.

The lawyer for the civil party lists the elements which accuse the husband of Delphine Jubillar.

“We have proof that there was an argument in the house the day before the disappearance, Delphine’s glasses broken into four pieces, neighbors who heard cries of terror, the fact that he had just to learn that she was going to start a new life with another man. Everything suggests that that evening, he committed the irremediable “.

Whether the decision is favorable to him or not on Monday at 2:00 p.m., Cédric Jubillar will have to remain in detention at least until the end of his warrant of committal, on June 18, his lawyers said.