A réfrigérappeur. It was necessary to think. Especially in the midst of a heat wave. On Wednesday, Yves , the fridge smart Benoît Forgeard brings a bit of freshness in the dark rooms of the Hexagon. Not only is this machine connected to is able to keep the beer at the ideal temperature, but it also delivers punch lines that can send Booba and Kaaris on the mat. What to do for the happiness of Jerem’ (William Lebghil) rapper Sunday embodied by William Lebghil and happy owner of this diabolical machine. Le Figaro met the hope of the French cinema in the relaxed ambience of the SoFilm Summercamp, in front of a plate of French fries and a beer. Although fresh.

LE FIGARO.- When did you learn to rap?

William LEBGHIL.- For the film. Benedict [Forgeard] wanted my character and the pieces to be credible. He sought advice from his former assistant, Florent Sauze, who is a fan of rap and with whom he has already worked on the film Gaz de France. He was appointed “director of the rap” on Yves . Florent has contacted the rapper Tortoz and the beatmaker MiM, with whom we have worked in a studio for a month to record all the titles of the movie.

What is the most difficult when you learn to rap?

The more complicated it is to succeed in appropriating the flow of someone else. Interpret staying in the rhythm. And most importantly, capture the attitude of rap. In fact, it is something very technical. MiM used to tell me stories about Damso. When he is in the studio, he makes only one decision, because he is very strong technically. He plays with the setbacks. It also has breaks crazy…

Have you considered a career in rap?

We said with Benedict that it would be funny to make an announcement like Joachim Phoenix for the ” I’m Still Here by saying that I stopped acting to throw myself into the music. In the media, it would not have had the same impact ( laughter ).

what rapper you are you inspired to build your character Jerem’?

Not to Damso. Benedict gave me some small references like Caballero, JeanJass and Romeo Elvis…

You have played in the clip, The love with crocs … Romeo Elvis.

Exactly, it happened a little before the filming of Yves . With Philippe [Katherine], he proposed that we come and do a small appearance. I do not know exactly how it happened… I believe that we followed on Instagram. In short, a classic story in 2019.

Your character loser endearing about those built by Orelsan and Gringe, the duo Crackers Flowters, in their series of Blocked .

there is a CRAB ( ‘ Definitely nothing to b******”the name of the song interpreted by Lebghil in Yves, editor’s NOTE) in their attitude, that is clear. I love Orelsan. During the recording of the songs, I was trying different things and I would try to imitate his flow. In fact, I tried to imitate all the rappers that I like. With more or less success.

What artists do you like in the middle of the rap?

Philippe had put Koba laD in his playlist pleasures guilty. I confess to you that I love you, too. One has the impression that it does anything, but there is a great freedom in his flow (he mimics). It is in free wheel, but their songs are hyper-melodic. Then its clips are super beautiful. Otherwise, I also listened to a lot of Future and Lil Yachty.

In 2019, the debate is no longer really necessary, but the autotune in the rap, are you for or against?

all for it. The autotune was a bit of a bad reputation. We see it as something mainstream, artistically lazy… I don’t find this to be outrageous. For me, it is an instrument like any other. Some are very good. Other, very badly. But I don’t think it’s inherently wrong.

Jerem’ and Yves use it very well in the film…

When I was put behind the microphone, it was immediately more easy with the autotune. When you climb an octave or tone, autotune will help you. It catches the correct note. This may lead you to do things that are quite complex. But you can really go completely into a spin, and be bad. When you listen to certain sounds, you say to yourself, “gee, he is gifted, he used the autotune with so much of genius”.

who do you think?

in NLP, for example. I also heard sounds of Kendrick [Lamar] or Kanye West sublimated by the autotune. So, yes, you can make a tube a little bit lazy with the autotune, but a lot of people use it as a real instrument. I also like Travis Scott and Tyler The Creator. For me, these are real geniuses.

you evokes the selfie of Patrick Bruel and Tyler The Creator?

it May be that Patrick is preparing to use the autotune, too (laughter).

You have this image of a young man, calm, nonchalant, as if the stress could not reach you. Does this correspond to your personality?

I am an extremely anxious. But it does not play anything on my rhythm of life. I don’t speed due to the stress. I have a way of life rather slow. Let’s say that my bpm ( beat per minute is the heart rate, editor’s NOTE) is rather to be 60 to 120…

You share the nonchalance with Vincent Lacoste, your sister in Jacky and the girls and First year . Wouldn’t you Crackers Flowters cinema hexagonal?

It’s been a pleasure to hear that you believe in us (laughter). We could do an album together. But I believe that Vincent raps very, very badly. Yet, he loves rap. He is very attentive to everything that comes out on Friday. This is a boy that has the resource so it bump, it could be a cardboard box.

* Yves comedy of Benoît Forgeard with William Lebghil, Doria Tillier and Philippe Katherine. 1h47. Room Wednesday 26 June.