Ended the match of the next Matchday of RPL, which opened the 25th round. 30 Jun the new head coach of “Locomotive” Marko nikolić lost points for the first time with the Moscow team. However, there was a serious risk that even a single point in his field “Loco” does not work.

Despite the total advantage of the hosts in terms of ball possession (76% at Lokomotiv, against 24% at “Wings”), the samarians surpassed the Muscovites in the number of shots and shots on target. In the first 10 minutes of “wings of the Soviets” failed to convert several chances. But the first goal has not kept itself waiting — it on 14-th minute scored by Dejan Radonjić. Halfway through the first half, the visitors continued to press, so that Nikolic had to spend two substitutions in the 33rd and 40th minutes. At the end of the first half the initiative passed to his team, but several times they failed.

At the 50th minute red card for a flagrant violation received Vladislav Ignatiev. It helped “Wings” again for some time to seize the initiative. However in goals it not resulted, and exactly 20 minutes the trains were equalized. Retired Safaa Hadi. But in equal structures the guests were very convincing. Rescued Lokomotiv’s only goal Aleksey Miranchuk scored in the fifth minute of added time. 1:1. Lokomotiv remains second — from the beginning, and “wings of the Soviets” from the end, but Lokomotiv still two points off from the championship.

In the capital Derby CSKA, unlike “Spartaka” have approached not in the best shape. CSKA has not won in the League 6 rounds in a row, and Spartak after the break, beat Arsenal and drew with FC Ufa. However, before the game many experts thought that its outcome is predetermined.

As expected, “Spartak” opened the first. The owners were quick to take advantage this and the first half of the first half, we made a series of dangerous counterattacks. However, protection of red-and-white was alert and get too close to goal striker CSKA did not give. There are red and blue once again confirmed its status as the most scoring from outside the penalty area of the team of RPL. A shot from a distance struck in Belgrade, Nikola vlašić and the goalkeeper Maksimenko made a technical mistake and the ball rolled into the goal, without stopping in the hands of the goalkeeper. Remarkably, prior to this, Maksimenko made a few saves, not allowing Vlasic and company to open the account.

To the end of the first half CSKA continued to press. Closer to 45 minutes, the game became more nervous, which resulted in 4 yellow cards by half-time — two on the team.

the Second half was tense. “Spartak” looked more confident, and his coach Tedesco has become much more active to behave on the sideline. Although the end of the meeting, the chances of the team spectators are not happy. Unless Zobnin dangerous shot on target Igor Akinfeev. The goalkeeper with this strike managed, not without difficulty. In the 74th minute red card received Roman Zobnin — after watching the replay referees through a system of VAR.

once again Akinfeev had to join in the game for a few minutes before the end of the game. After a long range shot Umarova Goalkeeper stretched “at attention” and fingertips parried the ball away. The transit through the post for a corner flew. “Spartak” has arranged final storm, but he did not succeed. On the contrary, Sigurdsson, vlašić orchestrated a blistering counterattacking move. First passed the ball to second, and he scored twice. Of vlašić was named man of the match. 2:0. CSKA wins after 6 rounds.

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