Disney represents a third of the cinema industry in the United States. Since the 2000s, the legendary Disney studios have become factories for big productions. And lay between ten and fifteen films per year, up to a record of sixteen feature films released in 2015. For the year 2019, the firm’s big-eared provided for 12 outputs – on the dates French. Including six suites of the saga: Ralph the Avengers, Spider-Man , The Snow Queen and Star Wars . So much juicy profits in prospect for the entertainment giant, which posted in 2018 to more than 7 billion dollars of recipe. To your calendars.

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Ralph 2.0 February 13

Already released in the United States, the animated film tops at the box office. Result of wreck-it Ralph , released in 2012, Ralph Case, video game character, doubled by the actor John Reilly, and by François-Xavier Demaison in the French version, adventure this time in the vast world of the Internet, where he meets many famous characters, such as stormtroopers of Star Wars or a host of Disney princesses.

Captain Marvel march 6,

Bought out by Disney ten years ago, Marvel studios have become the goose that lays the golden eggs of the firm. With a catalogue rich of 7,000 superhero and 80 years of stories published in comics, the scenarios can multiply to the infinite by crossing the franchises. Captain Marvel, spy and pilot of the US Air Force, is naturally stronger than she looks and will have to save the earth, threatened by the Skrulls and the Kriyas, awful people aliens. For the first time, a Marvel movie is completely dedicated to a super-heroine. Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn, and Jude Law are also in the credits.

Dumbo , march 27 –

Tim Burton, the director of Edward scissorhands , adapting with shots, the actual famous cartoon, released in 1941. Needless to recall the famous scenario, which has an elephant with big ears ridiculed by all to be a star of the circus. Thanks to Michael Keaton as an entrepreneur persuasive and Eva Green in acrobat air.

Penguins April 17

The documentaries Disney nature play on stunning images and a narration attractive. One is reminded of The March of the emperor, in 2005, the long-feature film that won an Oscar in Luc Jacquet, its director. This time, the studios are moving away from the penguins emperor penguins Adelie, their little cousins. Among them, Steve is a young specimen resourceful. He goes in search of the love and of the fish, between the leopard seals and killer whales.

Avengers: Endgame April 24

His predecessor, Avengers: Infinity War has collected a little more than $ 2 billion of recipe. The fourth installment of the saga, which brings together in a single film, a gaggle of super-heroes will coast to coast Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Captain America (Chris Evans).

Aladdin , may 22,

This is the second remake of a Disney classic by shooting real, the cartoon of the same name released in 1992. The villainous vizier Jafar the monkey Abu and the genie blue will be back on the front of the stage in an adaptation signed by Guy Ritchie, the director of the film Sherlock Holmes . With, to portray the genius of the Thousand and One Nights , the american star Will Smith. The film had a reported $ 500 million to its output. Record to beat for this new feature.

Toy Story 4 , June 26

manufacture of toys in a child’s bedroom when there’s nobody there to monitor them? Toy Story arrived in 1995: the film is a technical revolution, the first feature-length film the history of film in synthetic images. The third opus released in 2010, very successful, had left the fans on their hunger. Cryptic, the synopsis of episode 4 indicates that the arrival of a new toy that will disrupt the chamber of Bonnie, a little girl that is already present in the saga. And push the small characters on to new great adventures.

Spider-Man: Far from home , July 3

After Spider-Man: Homecoming , this new opus will feature the new face of spider man, Tom Holland. According to the fans who were able to view the trailer during the Comic Con Experience in São Paulo, one of the great masses of the comic strip, Peter Parker faces an enemy never seen before in the saga, Hydro-Man, to prevent him from destroying Venice. Michael Keaton will play the Vulture and Jake Gyllenhaal Mysterio ; two supervilains also of the party. Stan Lee, father of the man-spider died November, is expected to make an appearance in the film.

The Lion King July 17

Jon Favreau carries out the task of bringing to life the adventures of Simba, a cub, an orphan, son of the king of the Savanna, Mufasa. The director of Iron Man had already impressed the minds in blending computer images and landscapes with its replay in the actual shooting of the jungle Book in 2016. Superstar Beyonce lends her voice to Nala, the best friend of the young lion.

Artemis Fowl August 14

The film adaptation of the works of fantasy of the irish Eoin Colfer will be signed by Kenneth Branagh. A young kid by the name of Artemis Fowl is a young boy, also criminal that he is intelligent. Still scarred by the disappearance of his father, he ventures into a war against the People of the Fairies, mysterious creatures living under the ground, who might be responsible.

The Snow Queen 2 November 20

The Snow Queen has inflamed the hearts of the children and the box-office in 2013. Revenues have climbed above one billion dollars. Elsa and Anna, the two sisters of the kingdom of ice, will travel in more distant countries, was entrusted with Jennifer Lee, the coréalisatrice. In 2015, a short film entitled The Snow Queen: A celebration of frosty had just the fans more impatient. Six years later, the sequel to true it will happen in the dark rooms.

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Star Wars: Episode IX December 18

After the désastre intergalactic Solo: a Star Wars Story , derived from the franchise created by George Lucas, the return of the saga is expected at the turn. The ninth episode of the original story will wrap up the third trilogy. For this new installment, J. J. Abrams is back at the controls, after you have made Star Wars VII in 2015.