This is a success story as we see shortly. The song Old Town Road the rapper Lil Nas X has officially beaten the record for longevity at the head of the record sales in the United States, with 17 weeks in a row at number one, announced on Monday the magazine Billboard , which publishes this ranking. The tube Lil Sin X, with an appearance of the singer Billy Ray Cyrus, has dethroned One Sweet Day of Mariah Carey (1995) and Despacito of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, with Justin Bieber (2017).

This is the continuation of a story outside the norm for Montero Hill, the real name of Lil Sin X, which there are less than a year, living with her sister, was unemployed and had to abandon his studies. It was composed Old Town Road on the basis of a pace, bought 30 dollars a musician based in the netherlands. The result, which mixes an air of banjo and heavy bass, is presented as a title rap-inflected country.

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Country or not country

But Billboard has refused to integrate in the classification of the category, as it “did not provide sufficient elements for the country of today”. A few days after the decision to Billboard, Lil Nas X has released a remix of what was already a tube, with, as a guest, the star of the country Billy Ray Cyrus, incidentally, father of pop star Miley Cyrus. But despite the legitimacy of Billy Cyrus, two times nominated for Grammys in the categories country, the remix was entitled to the same treatment as the original, left on the doorstep of the ranking country.

The song has gotten around the class to establish itself at the head of the record sales of all styles, which he has held continuously since the week of 4 April. Lil Nas X has released several remixes of his hit, the sales of which are accounted for in a single total, which has contributed to the longevity of the title. Billboard integrates listening online, streaming, in order to establish its ranking.