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With Good, Black M attempts a return to the rap… what the hell ?

“The legend of black continues,” insists he. Five years after My way , his biggest hit, Black M has unveiled this Tuesday, the clip of her new single, Good, , which he defines as the “prologue” to his third album, just once . His previous album, E ternel Dissatisfied, released in 2016, and has sold over 200,000 copies and has been certified double platinum. Since then, a few singles, including one with Shakira and the anthem of senegal, for the World Cup of Football with Youssou Ndour, in 2018. Especially, a free-fall of his popularity, and a political scandal at the time of the centenary of the battle of Verdun. In 2019, Black M would be he back for good?

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“Ah, they have forgotten.” Featuring now braids that are reminiscent of those of the american, Travis Scott, Black M exchange not only images, but also of musical genre. Produced by MKL, in which one particular must Never the rapper Ninho, Good is far from the melodies on which the French artist loved to put his words and his voice. This time, Black M abandoned its cap of the singer to resume the rapper, claiming his text on music trap and defend themselves in the images its guinean culture.

A return to his beginnings, that would seem to indicate a little more appearance in the clip of some of his former companions of the group Sexion Assault. On 29 march, Alpha Diallo, of his true name, had explained on Instagram have spent a year in his studio “with a part of the team” to work on this new disc, he had already announced as its “best”. Two months later, on 29 may, the rapper released a teaser of his song on Twitter, accompanied by a video of his debut. You can find her jamming freestyle and already use the term “good” on repeat.

Lack of audacity

If the melody, quite simple, is efficient, Good fishing probably by the performance of rapper, Black M. During his early days with Sexion Assault, the artist now 34-year-old stood out hard from his comrades. Once launched in solo, it is with her singing and her lyrics light that he had been able to appeal to the public, in particular young people of 12-14 years. Returning to a style of hip-hop, it is disappointing in a certain lack of boldness, both in his words and in his “flow”. Not sure that this title marks the spirits to the height of On my way .

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in a Nod to her journey or a small inspiration, Black M plans to “tell several stories of [his] life” in his album, for which he is well guarded to reveal the release date. Him who dreamed to adapt its course to the cinema in a film between autobiography and fiction, has finally decided to do it in song. Good.

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