Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker has a long association with Bach. We have seen again recently when she found the tea to dance Mitten wir im Leben sind/Bach6Cellosuiten on the cello Suites. This time, her hand on the side of the brandenburg Concertos with two challenges: that of choreographing for a large group of dancers, as this production includes sixteen. And the shift by B-Rock Orchestra, training baroque was founded in 2005 and led by violinist Amandine Beyer bring a new breath in the world of early music.

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“When I chorégraphiais Violin Phase of Steve Reich in 1980, it was already one of the brandenburg Concertos that I spent in the loop,” explains the choreographer, who will give a lecture at the Collège de France on 10 April at 18: 30 and speaks about music with intelligence-it’s amazing. “The music of Bach has been with me from the beginning, but I felt as if I was simply not ready at that time to deal with so complex and with so much wealth!”, she says.

“Bach is music in a perpetual movement, both on the emotional and on the physical plane. And that’s why she gets so easily dance”

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

“in recent years, the more I immerse myself in this music and its labyrinths structural, the more I discovered the absolute genius,” she continues. In the music of Johann Sebastian Bach is stored in a huge reservoir of impressions and emotions belonging to the memory of our body human: joy and anger, pride and contempt, vengeance, and pity, pleasure, pain, melancholy…All of that is communication: Bach knew, as none other, the laws of classical rhetoric, the art to convince and hold its audience, the art to use opposition and contrast. In this regard, it circumvents the rules, which he masters to perfection, which allows him to project his music in a perpetual movement, both on the emotional and on the physical plane. And that’s why it gets so easily to dance.”

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To creation, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker has put the dancers to contribution, each contributing to the measurement repeats his choreography “unisex”, valid for men and for women, and with enough clarity and refinement. Then De Keersmaeker has worked as an architect, organizing the space between the sixteen dancers in order to keep the intelligibility of the counterpoint. His habit, she drew on the ground a graph that captures the geometry of the workpiece extends between vertical, horizontal, foreground and background. The pentagram and the spiral, dear to the choreographer, take good place.

These brandenburg Concertos is the fifth piece that Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker choreography on Bach. The first time, she had choreographed Toccata in 1994.

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker at the Palais Garnier , Place de l’opéra, Paris 2nd. Phone: 0892 89 90 90. Dates: 8,9,12,13 and 14 march at 19: 30 and the 10 march at 14: 30. Time : 2 h. Seat: of 12 to 130 €.