With seven stations of the first two lines of the IDC will be possible to change to BKL

After the full opening of the Large ring line of the Moscow subway, which is scheduled for the end of 2022, it will be possible to move from seven stations of the first two Moscow Central diameters.

today, the passengers of the IDC-1 can go into the first open area BKL. So, from the station “Savelovskaya” you can transfer to the station of BKL in three minutes. From the station “Testovskaya” of the same diameter, you can walk to two stations of the Big ring metro station: 12 minutes — to “Business center” and in 14 minutes — to “Shelepiha”.

By the end of 2021 opens BKL station “Kuntsevskaya”. In order that passengers could comfortably reach it with the station WDC-1, there is an underground tunnel to the lobby.

With the IDC-2 also can be change to BKL with four stations. From Riga for five minutes you can reach the station of the Big ring of the metro. With the construction of the station “Maryina Roshcha” to the IDC-2 can move to the new station BKL with the same name. In the future there will be a change to IDC-4.

Also will create a comfortable transition to BKL from the station “textile workers” and the construction of the platform IDC-2 “Printers”.

in Total since the launch of BKL and the discovery of three diametrical routes with Great circle line you can change to 18 stations in all five IDC.

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