Although they have formed a quartet classic, when they started 15 years ago, we titrions “Four boys in the wind”. It is that these four musicians outbound just of the conservatoire had a fair approach and young music.

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The career of the Quartet Modigliani view by Jochen Gerner. fd

In their great adventure, they were assisted by Étienne Vatelot the luthier of renown who had quietly, in 1973, acquired an extraordinary ensemble comprised of four instruments made in the mid-Nineteenth century by Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume. Two violins, a viola and a cello built in the same wood and that Vuillaume was known as the Evangelists, giving each of them the name of one of the four saints: John, Mark, Matthew and Luke.

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This exceptional set, Étienne Vatelot didn’t want it to be separate. Also he kept secretly, until the day he met the four friends of the conservatory of Paris, who had formed a small formation, the quartet Modigliani, and had begun to make themselves a very nice reputation in the world of chamber music.

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One can imagine their excitement when they were invited to try the Evangelists in the workshop of the great violin-maker. Instruments the price of which was obviously out of their reach, and which was supported at the time by a Swiss foundation. It becomes too intervener in their career, they decided, successfully helping to change instrument for other older and even better quality. Helped by the luthier Pierre Barthel to find.

with four patrons who have bought while keeping jealously their anonymity Amaury Coeytaux can play with a violin of Guadagnini 1773, Loic Rio with a violin of Guadagnini from 1780, Laurent Marfaing with a viola by Mariani 1660, François Kieffer with a cello by Matteo Goffriller “ex-Warburg” from 1706. In short, they are in the great court! And their story continues then more than lengthy explanations we will deliver to you the “portrait” that has done for them and at their request the cartoonist Jochen Gerner.

on 4 February in Clermont-Ferrand, 5 to Reims, 10 to Brussels, on 19 march, in Geneva, on the 24th, in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, 23 and 27 April in Arcachon, 3 and 5 may in the Crazy days of Tokyo, japan, may 9, in Épinal, may 25, at Beauvais, on 26 may the ” Moments musicaux de Touraine, June 4, at Château Lafitte,