With seven Oscar nominations at the counter, of which the last harvested last Tuesday, Glenn Close holds the unenviable record of the actress living the most acclaimed by the american Academy of cinema, but never rewarded. Everything could change on the 24th of next February, thanks to The Wife . Based on the novel of the same name by the writer american Meg Wolitzer, the film, which was released on Thursday on the platform of the French SVOD e-cinema transforms the impetuous actress for dangerous Liaisons and Liaison fatale devoted wife of Joe Castleman, a genius narcissistic literature. Joan sees his patience and his sacrifices, rewarded after a morning a phone call from the Swedish Academy and wakes them up and tells them that Joe (Jonathan Pryce) is the winner of the Nobel prize for literature 1993.

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The celebrations of use leave yet up to the malaise that explodes when the couple and their son David arrive in Stockholm. After having suffered thirty years of infidelities and dictates various and varied (not to smoke, not to drink), Joan understands that the man she has supported all these years it has become unbearable. The awareness is dull; as the anger and the regrets that Joan just more and more to repress.

Her frustration take on a different yet as The Wife revisits the past of the couple. Joan was a student of the most promising of Joe, while he was a professor of literature. For her, he left his wife and his daughter. The key to this couple’s enigmatic lies in the final confrontation, personal and eruptive, in the hotel room Swedish Castleman. In the lineage of his best roles, as the marquise de Merteuil in dangerous Liaisons , Glenn Close is magnificent intensity and coldness in this scene that transcends the closed-door classic, highly theatrical Swedish director Björn Runge. His rebounding final guess without difficulty.

The Wife has put 14-year-old ride

The Joan of Glenn Close is never a victim. It assumes the choices made decades earlier when the company would forgive and not to the women of their ambitions. Jonathan Pryce accompanied, sometimes with a fragile egotistic, sometimes with authoritarianism, this partition housewife full examination of conscience. The duo sharing the bill with the alter ego more young people. Harry Llyod ( Counterpart and Game of thrones ) portrays the Joe Castleman the Fifties in search of inspiration and stability. Annie Starke endorse the clothing of a shy Joan. His striking resemblance to Glenn Close is undeniable: Annie Starke is the daughter of the actress and the often embodied in a sequence of flash-back.

Glenn Close and Jonathan Pryce, Graeme Hunter/Graeme Hunter Pictures

Written and adapted by women, The Wife has put more than 14 years to climb, in particular according to Glenn Close, because it was difficult to find funding and actors eager to embody Joe in a work where the subject was about his wife. The success of the drama in this season of the price is a nice contrast. Author of performance that is fascinating in a film that is more common on the throes of creation and of the ambiguous relationship of Pygmalion and his muse, the actress has scored a lot of points with his flamboyant speech at the Golden Globes in early January. “We are women, human beings, we have children, husbands, if we are lucky, spouses, or other. But we need to be able to achieve personally. We need to follow our dreams. And we have to say: I must do that. And I should have the right to do that”, had urged Glenn Close.