In Hollywood, Woody Allen has become a pariah. After, producers and actors, it is the publishers who shun the american filmmaker. According to the New York Times , producer of Annie Hall struggling to find a taker for his project memories. The daily quotes the leaders of four publishing houses in the major, under cover of anonymity, who claim to be be offered a manuscript by an agent of the director. None of them made a move, they pointed to the New York Times , some explain to have not even read the text.

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Interviewed by the AFP on the log information, the five major publishing houses in the United States, HarperCollins, Hachette, Macmillan, Simon & Schuster and Penguin Random House have made no comment. The agent of Woody Allen has not responded to the demands of the AFP.

Since the beginning of the wave of the #MeToo, Woody Allen has been caught up by the accusations of sexual abuse initiated by his adoptive daughter Dylan in 1992. The proceedings against him were discontinued after two separate surveys of several months, conducted at the time. But Dylan Farrow, supported by her adoptive mother Mia Farrow and brother Ronan Farrow, renewed, beginning 2018, her accusations that Woody Allen has always refuted.

the image of The oscar-winning director is also degraded after an interview with argentine television Channel 13, which aired in June 2018, in which he believed that he had the profile to be a hero of the movement #MeToo. His image is blurred, Woody Allen has seen several actors and actresses who have worked with him to take their distance publicly, and indicate that they no longer wanted to work with him.

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in Early February, he sued the group Amazon for abusive rupture of contract, accusing the internet giant of having put an end to their production agreements. Amazon has confirmed that he has broken his commitment, which included the funding of four films and $ 68 million in total, justifying her decision by “the repeated accusation” for the director and his “statements ” controversial”. The procedure is following its course and a trial could take place in 2020.