It is an invitation to caution so as not to spoil the party. It comes from the National Commission for Computing and Liberties (CNIL) and is aimed at supporters who will be traveling to Qatar to attend the Football World Cup, organized from November 20 to December 18. The CNIL strongly advises not to bring your personal mobile phone on site, as revealed by Politico.

The Qatari government requires foreign nationals to install two mobile applications which, according to cybersecurity experts, are similar to spyware: the World Cup application, “Hayya”, and the the Covid-19 epidemic, “Ehteraz”. These apps would provide Qatari authorities with broad access to personal data as well as the power to read, delete or edit content and even make calls.

The data protection authority therefore recommends “ideally, to travel with a blank smartphone… or to use an old reset phone”, according to a spokesperson for the regulator. A prepaid disposable phone can also be used. For those who do not have an old laptop in their drawers, the French privacy policeman advises to “limit system authorizations to those strictly necessary”.

The CNIL also recommends that travelers install the applications just before their departure and remove them as soon as they return to France. Fans are encouraged to “limit online connection to services requiring authentication to the strict minimum”, to keep their smartphone with them at all times, to have a strong password or to connect to Wi-Fi networks. secured.

“In any case, special vigilance will be required for photos, videos, or digital works which could place you in difficulty vis-à-vis the legislation of the country visited”, adds the data protection authority. These include LGBT content that is banned in the country. It is also prohibited to film in government buildings, schools, accommodation for migrant workers, places of worship and hospitals.

According to an investigation published Sunday, November 6 in the British daily The Sunday Times, journalists, lawyers, the former boss of European football Michel Platini and a French senator, Nathalie Goulet, were spied on. These personalities targeted by hackers were targeted for their work or critical positions on the awarding and organization of the Football World Cup.

Ten thousand French supporters will attend the Mondial-2022 and 300 representatives of the French ministries of the Interior and Defense will ensure the security of the event in Qatar, announced Tuesday, November 8 the French ambassador Jean-Baptiste Faivre.