“Given the situation, an obligation for all practitioners to participate should be decided urgently”, declared Mr. Valletoux, at the opening of the annual FHF show.

“No one should be able to escape it except for exemptions because of their state of health or their age”, he insisted, drawing up an alarmist observation.

“The absenteeism rate is higher than before the (Covid) crisis, the difficulties in recruiting are strong (…) and major tensions exist on medical specialties subject to on-call and on-call duty,” he said. it detailed.

“Beds are closed in more than three quarters of establishments, including medico-social, many blocks are idling and there are closures of emergency services in all regions”, added the president of the FHF, for who “the prospect of summer holidays worries”.

In order to limit the damage to the public hospital, he called for “immediate measures for the revaluation of the remuneration of medical guards and on-call duty”, as well as “the revaluation of night and weekend allowances” for caregivers.

“I know that these measures are very strong, exceptional, but I ask that we fully consider the urgency of the situation. We cannot wait any longer,” he concluded.