Writer Vladimir Rekshan told why the daily use of spirits is not always a sign of severe alcoholism

Not all men, daily alcohol use can be classified as hazardous drinkers. This is the conclusion to “Appartment” without the writer Vladimir Rekshan.

“by Itself, alcohol is not a problem. If every day you drink a liter of tequila, whiskey or rum with vodka and life becomes happier, richer and more interesting, then you should not quit. You can continue to enjoy. But if you only on holidays or religious days drink a glass of carrot juice, having added to a small fraction of an alcoholic beverage, then everything around you starts crumbling, you are fired from work, expelled from the family, bystanders, the bullies break you nose, it is likely that any alcohol you should not take it, even for the New Year,” — said Rukshan.

According to the writer, Russia is a strange concept of the word “alcoholic”. They often call those who are lying in the gutter in the mud and unable to get up, although these people make up only 5% of alcoholics.

the expert Also told what are the types of addictions from alcohol.

“a man is three types of alcohol dependence: chemical, psychological and psychiatric. Of chemical dependency the person leaves quickly. To understand that you got rid of that kind of dependence is simple — the morning is no desire to nip. It is much harder to get rid of psychological dependence, it is often to turn to alcohol alcoholic cause mental problems. And to solve them is not always easy. The most severe addiction and psychiatric. You can be drunk up to severe damage of the individual, or alcohol may become really to the development of hereditary zabolevaniya,” said Rekson.

Recall that after the recent incident with actor Mikhail Efremov, who in a condition of strong alcoholic or narcotic intoxication crashed into car and killed someone, the media has again been actively discussed the problem of alcoholism in Russia. Many experts believe that alcoholics, in principle, it is necessary to restrict many rights.

we Add that this problem Vladimir Rekshan, who was personally acquainted with this problem, and for 28 years not drink alcohol.

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