Twelfth movie of the saga of the Fox, X-Men Dark Phoenix is the story of Jean Grey, which will gradually turn against his friends. The mutant develops powers that are very powerful but uncontrollable after being hit by a cosmic force. The central theme of the saga, the fear of the other, gives the film an unexpected depth. In spite of the criticisms are shared, the press was pleasantly surprised.

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X-Men Dark Phoenix striking first of all by its action scenes and its special effects, which make the unanimity, “such an incredible attack of the train”, note The Parisian. to RTL : “The special effects are beautiful and never the super powers of our mutant favorite have been so licked.” In addition to the scene, an introduction, “each appearance of the Force Phoenix, the nebula glowing and almost organic is a true pleasure”. The World , yet not really convinced, concedes that “the film provides its quota of spectacular and worth in spite of everything for his flare-ups of conjuring a circus”.

But if the film is astonishing, it is, above all, by its sensitivity, and its atmosphere of melancholy. What welcomes Paris Match , for which the feature moves away “from the common of films of the superhero today to paint a fresco dark and disillusioned about the collapse of a myth”. A view shared by Le Figaro : “the atmosphere realistic, rough, almost naturalist, is enhanced by the use of a camera on the shoulder,” explains Olivier Delcroix. According to RTL, the film is “very human, because focusing on the relationships between the characters and the emotions of Jean Grey”.

characters highlighted by a cast mostly appreciated. Special Mention to Sophie Turner (Jean Grey), which “delivers a sensitive delivery and incarnate,” writes Le Figaro . “She perfectly knows how to play the fragility or the domination for her role of Sansa Stark” ( RTL ). First disappointed by the movie, welcomes all of even the benefit of Sophie Turner, and Jessica Chastain (Vuk). “It is especially necessary to see the movie for the amazing wicked, camped out with a strange charm by Jessica Chastin”, bids The Parisian.

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On the other hand, the scenario of the Darth Phoenix was not seduced. “The story is distressing, and has already been seen,” according to the Express , while The World edge, “the theme unpleasing of belonging”, and a “scenario marked and simplistic”. First considers that the film is “lazy” and “not moving never at the height of his subject epic”. The criticism of the most trenchant is signed Écranlarge , according to which “John spin much too quickly, and tipping is treated as the crisis of a adulescente crying in the rain like a bad clip from the 1990s”. Not convinced either, the Hollywood Reporter regret that”in no way this resembles the destination satisfying a journey that began 20 years ago and has logged 30 hours of story”.

If this twelfth opus does not equal Revelation , the previous pane, for RTL, it “remains, despite all, a good conclusion to the saga X-Men before passing under the very effective lowering of Disney”.