It is strange, this text Hanokh Levin, very much in the jewish spirit, or, rather, in that of the Kabbalah. That is to say also that it is necessary to practice a certain hermeneutics to decipher. Not that this is off – putting- it tells a story – but it is quite mysterious.

One day, therefore, Yaacobi decides to be free of obnoxious with his friend Leidental for, he said (to us spectators) to break up the daily grind of the parties of dominoes that they share each day and embark on the adventure. Follows a meeting with a lovely creature strange with that make love relationships more close to the sadomasochism that of romanticism. And then reappears Leidental…

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No doubt, it is in the fable and meaningful but, I repeat, without weighing to much. However, what does it tell us? He must accept his destiny? That man has no power over his life? Maybe. The actors Matéo Cichacki and Thomas Ribière are not bad. It is especially Mary Colucci, who attracts the attention of a game a bit unusual, which oscillates between the true and the false. Nevertheless, she has something to her that piggybacks precisely with the project of the show.

It’s confusing to feel the intelligence and does not reach the drill. Perhaps, simply, because the stage acts as a screen and that it would be better to read the text… on the other hand, there was a pleasure to see this show. Then, finally, is it useful to ask yourself questions? Stay on this fun and feel-the.

Yaacobi and Leidental Tightrope walker 53, rue des Saules (Xviii).
Tel.: 01 42 23 88 83. Hours: sea. and game. at 19 h, dim. 16 h. Until 9 June.
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