Yabloko calls on Putin to take

Another petition to postpone the voting on the Constitution and make it alternative appeared on the portal Change.org.

the author of the petition, the Chairman of the party “Yabloko” Nikolay Rybakov, cites the results of a representative survey by the Levada center,” according to which developed Public by the constitutional Council and the party “Yabloko” the package of amendments in the Constitution, the Constitution of a free people — ready to vote 28% of Russian citizens, while the draft proposed by the President and the Federal Assembly, 25%.

He noted that a separate amendment of the constitutional Council and the “Apple” support from 41% to 95%, and overall support for alternative project is 74%, with 17% against.

“80% of the people participating in the survey believe that the draft Constitution of free people should be put to a popular vote on a par with yours. Thus, it is clear that the majority of Russians considers proper and necessary alternative vote,” says the Fisherman, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

he Also stresses that “voting only for a single package of amendments, that is, in the absence of choice does not satisfy the Russian society”. “This is not correct in any lottery on voting sites, and none of the figures declared on TV, that fact will not change,” reads the petition text, which the author notes that the amendments to the presidents and Federal Assembly, “in a fair vote will not pass.”

moreover, Rybakov writes: “Your electoral Commission, of course, provide any numbers, but in reality, neither now, nor after July 1, the current government is not and will not be the majority”.

however, he offers “the way out of this situation” — the postponement of the election in some time that would be, in his opinion, an adequate solution in the context of a pandemic.

“the Delay we propose to use for the creation of fundamentally new conditions of a conversation with our compatriots. We propose to start a real dialogue with debate, propaganda campaign of all the parties with an alternative draft Constitution of free people, giving the people the opportunity to vote separately on each amendment made projects,” — said in the petition.

the Author is aware that “to make such a decision very difficult,” but noted that “it is necessary for the merging companies, at least partial recovery significantly undermined trust in public institutions.”

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