The denial of the father, the accusations of the brother, the texts and drawings-semites out of the closet… Since the 19th of August, not a day goes by without the name of Yann Moix is associated with a controversy. Who benefits from this settlement account? To him. Without the need to run television and radio, the producer of Podium and Cinéman did speak of him, and of Orléans , his novel in which he condemns the violence which he had suffered from his parents. At such a point, its a publishing house, fears of being overtaken by this success. According to our information, Stifle has already launched new reprints of the book.

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For its release in bookstores on the 21st of August last, Orléans was pulled out of 27,000 copies. Less than a week after, Stifle was injected 15,000 on the market, what is now the current number of copies to be 42.000. If this quick second reprint has nothing exceptional, the third could be. Stifle (knee) intends to take advantage of the back to school d’ It is not lying Saturday night on France 2, where Yann Moix must be expressed for the first time on television since the controversy. The result of this provision, the publishing house is considering a third draw. The number of copies reprinted in the days following the emission of Laurent Ruquier is still unknown.

In comparison, the last book of Yann Moix, Break , released in early 2019, was drawn in the first week to 18,000 copies. A simple love letter (2017) to 16,000 and Birth (2013), awarded the Renaudot literary Prize, to 8,000. A few months later, these three works of Grasset had respectively passed to 22,000, of 33,000 and 38,000 copies. Orléans will-t-it to Yann Moix to dethrone the current leader of sales in the bookstore, Nicolas Sarkozy? This summer, in a little over a month, the former president of the Republic has sold 200,000 copies of his book Passions (Editions of the Observatory).

on Tuesday night, after showing that the writer Yann Moix had made drawings anti-semitic when he was a student, The Express is returned to the charge by saying that the author won the prix Goncourt in the first novel was published at the same time texts deniers, what the writer has admitted in the Release . “I assume, I endorse everything. What I did at the time with 3 or 4 cons, it was types completely screwed up”, she defends it on Wednesday. “These texts, and these cartoons are anti-semitic, but I am not anti-semitic (…). Today, the man that I’m ashamed,” adds the ex-columnist in Laurent Ruquier who introduces himself as “the best defender of judaism”.