Yard on Vasilevsky island scored a fountain with a height of 3 meters, suffered machine

Residents of Vasilievsky island, reported in social networks about a broken pipe on the 18th of the line, 25. Judging from the published pictures, the water flow was up to three meters. Under the powerful jet hit a parked car, the area impounded.

“the fountain Season in St. Petersburg can be considered open,” wrote the user.

As explained by the correspondent of “Rosbalt” in the “Heating network of St. Petersburg”, the company reviews the heat network density and strength in the Central district. Disturbance employees of the press service confirmed.

“At the moment, in the place provided security measures, the water leakage is localized, organized repair work,” — said the source.

According to him, the responsibility of the enterprise is insured, the actual damages the owners would be reimbursed.

Previously, the company carried out trials in Moscow, the Admiralty, the Frunze and Central regions.