Yaroslavl baths were allowed to work

Baths and showers, Yaroslavl region officials were allowed to continue the work with one condition — “without direct presence of visitors.”

according to YarNews, this provision is contained in the decree of the regional government dated 15 may, which from may 16 baths are allowed to work, but without visitors. The owners of the baths have asked for clarification from the regional Department of investment and industry, but there just quoted the text of the resolution.

“paragraph 1.4 of this decision among others allowed activities of organizations and individual entrepreneurs engaged in health activities (NACE code 96.04 — activities baths and showers providing obschegigienicheskih services) without full-time presence of visitors”, — stated in the Department’s response. How to wash remotely, officials said.

meanwhile, in Yaroslavl has already begun a traditional time of disconnection of hot water.

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