Yaroslavl Deputy called to stop

Deputy of the Yaroslavl regional Duma Andrey Potapov called on colleagues in Parliament to consider the possibility to revise the amount of deductions of income of the region in the Federal budget.

“Why today, we will continue to sit on the dropper from Moscow? Today is the time to show your character, I think. Today we are a large part of its budget revenues sent to Moscow, and Moscow doctors receive payments that are not received by our doctors. Why can’t we respect our doctors? Are they privileged or something?” — said Potapov, quoted by YarNews.ru.

“Today we are simply obliged to reconsider interbudgetary relations. Why do we have to stand with an outstretched hand? We need to respect themselves and their fellow citizens. This is the money they earn, they are the engine of progress. And our businesses, which today have absolutely nothing to give,” — said the Deputy.

“That’s 1 billion 300 thousand us give today. We have over four months, two billion of the shortfall in income and 10 billion in the draft plan before the end of this year. Even if today to take these figures on compensation that will be second, third wave. Today we have 2 billion shortfall in income, and we provide a subsidy of 1.3. We will lose a seventh of the budget. I strongly suggest: without bias of political parties just get together and make a normal decision. In some regions this decision. Let in the Yaroslavl region will be more income and we will remove this problem. And then there will be the reserve Fund is not 200 million, and more. We should do this”, — said Andrey Potapov.

he was supported by MP Sergei Khabibulin. “As in war, front-line 100 grams are put in any case. And here it turns out, didn’t take it comignago patient, he will not be reimbursed. If you drove, put. They are now at the forefront. We’ll pay compensation. Now we have only one possibility to assist physicians in this difficult struggle. It is the funding. I will support my colleague from the liberal democratic party. I have a doctor friend in Moscow got 260 thousand in April. Yes, he knowingly stood there on the front lines. And we have 4 thousand rubles received additional drivers “Ambulance”, which is unknown, could for 5 minutes to get from Cavenago patient or not, nobody knows. Until transported to the hospital, it took 5 minutes, but only two days later determined that he coveny patient,” he said.

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