Yekaterinburg March go to rescue the detained samokovlija (video)

Protesters in Yekaterinburg decided to go the police station building to rescue the detained man, who came to share with the dog.

As earlier reported, the citizens decided on Saturday to hold a rally of solidarity with the residents of Khabarovsk, which are now in the 22nd again demanded the release of arrested ex-Governor Sergey Furgala and also put forward political demands. In the capital of the Middle Urals gathered a few dozen people. Was immediately arrested 48-year-old entrepreneur — the driver of a Mercedes with the poster on the sides: “the Students are not devils, Khabarovsk, not trash, we are the children of heroes” and “Khabarovsk respect of the Urals”. The man put his car in the Parking lot in front of the city administration. First the police tried to “cover up” posters from the eyes of the townspeople, but eventually detained the driver.

Then the police decided to detain the man, who came to the protest action with the dog. When they tried to twist this man, other members began to oppose the arrest. Militiamen, despite this, managed to put a man in a paddy wagon, and then the citizens got up in front of the police bus “human shield”. In the end they drove away from the police van and he left. The dog remains one of the protesters.

As the correspondent of the newspaper “New Day” for broadcast Telegram, the congregation decided to protest in front of the police station on Krylov street, where presumably took the detainee. They marched through downtown, chanting “Russia, Wake up,” and at this moment came to the police station. On the site there are two members of the PMC. While they are not allowed to the detainee.

a solidarity Action with the festival held today in several Russian cities. Now they continue in Khabarovsk where takes place the second evening meeting, and also in Moscow and St. Petersburg — there are detention.