Saturday, January 19, in Toulouse, “the act X” of the “yellow vests” has made a lot of noise. A rapper from the city, named D1ST1 (read “gut”), has filmed the images of her new video, titled Jackets yellow , during the event. If he says he is defending “the anger of the people which has no longer a franc, more than enough to fill a shopping cart” it provides above all a portrait in support of the forces of law and order. The video has been viewed over two million times on Facebook.

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“The rage of the people I see every Saturday”, starts D1ST1 to the sound of a Night posthumous Chopin spent by intensive remixing. “We want to be able to create laws, or to challenge them,” he continued. Behind him marched the images of the events.

“civilians, cops, CRS we hunt in the city,” says the rapper. Once night falls, it becomes a game of hide-and-seek. They wait while it is all together, a child in low age and the elderly, they take the opportunity for all gazer”. A claim that is not without gravity. According to him, the police “were the rage” and “shout when they [the] task”.

Saturday, January 19, the security forces have made sixty arrests and forty-six guards to the views in the pink city. The departmental directorate of public security has created a group of inquiry to identify the perpetrators of the violence.

The clip Jackets yellow was produced by NFCA media, a communication agency in toulouse (france) who has also made videos denouncing the violence of the CRS occurred on January 19, during the engagement. Other users have also circulated videos where you see the SRC take violently to protesters.

in Front of the support they received on the social networks where the video proved a massive hit, the rapper toulouse confessed to being “proud (sic) to be YELLOW Vests and be able to scream all this is happening”.

It must be said that, up here, D1ST1 duplicated clips amateurs without any real success, nor great interest. One of its latest titles in date, The beyond , told especially his taste for cannabis and the girls who are not of the “michto” (a girl interested in the money).

A song published in early January by a jazz singer, Marguerite – Circumstances , and created from the tube of Michel Fugain The gentiles, the wicked, , cased also. Around a roundabout, one sees women, youth, the elderly, labeled with a “yellow jacket” in a good-natured atmosphere.

“Who is it that takes the taxi?”, sings Marguerite. And the choir of resume: “The gentiles.” “Who pays for the fuel?”, she adds. “The bad guys”. At the risk of being binary, the title denounces a social divide without stirring up hatred. It has been viewed over a million times.

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