Frank Dubosc regrets having supported the “yellow vests”. In an amateur video posted Friday on Twitter, the comedian, increase the tone during a session of autographs, in the face of a “yellow jacket” came the query. “It is in the past, Sir. You’re too hateful, too surly, to disengage,” says the actor and comedian. Before to show his fear to this Saturday 8 December.

A fear shared by the 175 signatories of a forum published in The new yorker Friday, 7 December. Among many anonymous, some famous names: Bernard Henri-Lévy, Stéphane Bern, the actors Thierry Lermitte, comedian Michel Boujenah, producer Dominique Besnehard, or facilitators Cyril Hanouna and Maitena Biraben.

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“It must stop and dialogue must take up the slack”

“France, in the face of history, this is the country that embodies the motto of the Republic: liberty, equality, fraternity. What happened Saturday was the denial”, get indignant-they.

“freedom, including that of manifest his opinion, was the one that wanted to exercise a majority of yellow Vests, reminiscent of the signatories. But freedom stops where begins the oppression to the other: by preventing traders to work, the people, to circulate, exerting a strain on the rest of the population, the freedom has been violated.”

As the authorities, the authors of the tribune, fearing pillage this Saturday, December 8, even more dramatic than the previous weekends. All areas of the city, from the Louvre to the Galeries Lafayette department store, passing by the Eiffel tower, is paralyzed to prevent the clashes.

“It must stop and dialogue must take up the slack”

The signatories of this appeal, to the quiet lament “the destruction of public property, the looting of private property, the physical aggression against the forces of the order and the insult to the symbols of the Republic, as the flame of the unknown Soldier”. The tags, the statues of Victory and of Napoleon vandalized are in all the memories.

“It must stop and dialogue must take over”, can we read in this text, where we can read the fear that the divide between the executive and the “yellow vests” becomes even more profound.

The signatories advocate a radical change of attitude, from all sides. “Respect for those who are in difficult situations, respect for the territories and for local elected representatives, respect for the institutions of the Republic and its values,” they write.

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A call to the quiet welcome, while a wind of panic is blowing on the capital: the prefecture encourages the Parisians to protect their assets, the traders to withdraw their fronts, and the drivers of their vehicles in the sensitive areas.