He sang: “Make love not war”. It was in 1982. The years pass but Francis Lalanne remains the same. Always ready to denounce the violence. With the able and far-sightedness for which he is known. On January 2, the singer, who has launched a list in the colours of “yellow vests” for the European, did not hesitate to put the responsibility for the violence related to the citizens ‘ movement on the shoulders of the president of the Republic and his minister of the interior. “These are the ones who create the violence. They are the origin of all of these crimes against humanity,” he told RT France while it was going on in Paris with the procession of women “yellow vests”, started from the place Blanche.

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“They decided that because they are at the head of the government of a country, that they had the right to take, condemn the musician. No one has the right to shoot innocent people who are walking quietly in the street.”

Francis Lalanne refers to the use of the launcher ball defense (LBD). According to the group “Désarmons-the” twenty persons have been seriously injured to the eye, some of which are éborgnés, since last November. Seized by the League of human rights and the CGT, the Council of State ruled on 1 February that the risk of violence was “necessary to enable the forces of the order of use” to the LBD.

“Those who think that the movement will stop are wrong”, then notifies Francis Lalanne. At a time when the “yellow vests” are struggling to come together in view of the European, the singer says that he is willing to make a covenant with the list of Ingrid Levavasseur, “a Gathering of the citizens ‘initiative”, which is the most publicized. Regarding his own list, he ensures to have reliable funding for the campaign, to the tune of 800,000 euros. Francis Lalanne said the last week in the Figaro : “I’m not going to start to close it, it’s been 40 years since I opened my mouth.”

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