He saw policy. Sleeping policy. Breathes policy. And not just 60 days and 60 nights in the year. In recent times, Francis Lalanne multiplies the citizens ‘ initiatives. The lead singer of a 60-year-old first introduced to the general elections in 2017, under the label of the movement to protect the environment 100% before announcing that integrate the reserve of the force in the form of a civic service this year. For 2019, the interpreter, give me the love, not the war would become the leader of the movement without a face the yellow vests.

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After you have taken a jacket to the parliamentary elections, the singer donned the garment retroreflective with the publication of an open letter to the movement, reports our colleagues at Nice-Matin . Co-written with Jean-Marc Governatori, co-secretary of the Alliance, ecologist, independent, Francis Lalanne offers to motorists in anger to stand in the european elections next may. A philanthropist, he is also proposing that fund their campaign through the environmental group.

“get Out of the consumerism”

The list of “yellow vests” would thus be funded to the tune of 800,000 euros. “I guaranteed to the yellow vests, the possibility of going before the people,” says Mr. Governatori, former head of the company, to our colleagues. The european elections, it is in five months. They have the time to campaign”.

“In our opinion, the best response to the conflict, it is the vote, the only way, the only effective output to the impasse. (…) The politician does not understand that the relation of political force. It is necessary to obtain through the ballot box and not through violence. Francis and I have been very shocked by the events that engulfed Paris. Police officers and gendarmes, this is sacred!”, a-t-he added.

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What causes would support the movement that is struggling to find officials and a guideline? “It should be out of the consumerism, to go towards the involvement of the citizens, autonomy, cooperation, explained Dr Governatori. It is obsessed with economic growth, which is not the solution but the problem. To be well together, it is necessary to overcome have it”.