The least we can say is that Franck Dubosc expresses an opinion changing about the “yellow Vests” one day, the arguing, the next day is désolidarisant of their fight, before you join them again shortly after. His attitude contrasts with that of Muriel Robin, which has declared its support for the social movement at the beginning of December and has not changed his opinion since then, even if she urged the demonstrators not to yield to violence. Interviewed Wednesday by the Midi Free , the actress did not fail to tackle vigorously the comedian on his procrastination.

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“I have the chance not to be Franck Dubosc,” says Muriel Robin in this interview. “When you have nothing to say, nothing to say. There is only sincerity that can be heard,” she continued, accusing, implicitly, the interpreter of Patrick Chirac in Camping not to shine by his intellectual honesty.

It reiterates its support for the yellow Vests

the One that has recently experienced a great popular success for his interpretation of Jacqueline Wild. reiterates its support for those who fight in order to live more decently. “How could we be against the “yellow vests”, asks? Against those who are blinded and who have a real claim. It is necessary to understand their anger and condemnation of the violence. Of course, it is necessary to take to those who have money!”

“the movement of The “yellow vests” is a bit of a catch-all, it is a ras-le-bol, and this is not the fault of Macron”, adds the actress. “Before, there were “gentiles” are, from left, of the “bad guys”, right, and nothing has changed. When companies don’t care full pockets and crush the people in order to get more, there is something that is not going to,” she concludes. We are still waiting for the answer of Franck Dubosc – and can-be the “bad guys” right – to this load that does little in the shade.