If it has brought a lot of goons this weekend in Paris, the demonstration of the “yellow vests” also inspired some of the artists. Evidenced by the song Bring France to reason that he had dedicated two rappers eurois and the anthem created by the composer savoyard Bernard Aiello, The Blues of the Yellow Vests. It is the turn of each other to don the famous garment retroreflective.

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To search for the “buzz”, with several filmmakers of the social network to surf on the wave of the protest movement. Among them, the Rennes Mr. Seby, which is inspired by the “yellow vests” to deliver songs parody. The singer-jokingly of the web takes it to Emmanuel Macron and Édouard Philippe on a humorous tone. He sings his discontent with the increase in fuel prices in The Song of the yellow Vests and The Song for Edward . “If we want our country to be better tomorrow, ben Manu to be less stingy”, intones-t-it before you lambast “Edward”, who don’t take the right course”. Published in the wake of the demonstration of 17 November, the two videos were accumulating nearly 200,000 views Tuesday morning.

“Macron ciao”

His counterpart Kopp Johnson maxing out, him, more than 275.000 views with his title zouk Yellow Jacket . “You manifest for ten cents of fuel more, I’m fed up. I’m going to show, so I put my yellow jacket” chante-t-on a caribbean music catchy and repetitive, hookah in hand.

As you might expect on the web, many patriotic songs have been diverted for the benefit of motorists fretful. In particular, La Marseillaise , in which the “day of glory” leaves room for the “yellow vests” and the “Macronie” replaces the “tyranny”. Classical guitar hand, other protesters have even performed their version of Bella Ciao , titled Macron Ciao , and modelled on the revolutionary song in Italian, at the first gathering.

The Blues jackets yellow – Bernard Aiello

The Song of the yellow Vests – Mr. Seby

The Song for Edward – Mr. Seby

yellow Jacket – Kopp Johnson

La Marseillaise Jackets yellow – Fanfan Stephan

● Macron Ciao