While the 1st December with many museums and theatres parisiens were called upon to close their doors because of the risks associated with mobilizations of the “yellow vests”, the situation is almost back to normal in the capital. While most of the cultural monuments parisiens are pleased to announce that they will keep their doors open, the movement results however the closure to the public of the château de Versailles, the residence of the Sun King.

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“This is a pre-emptive closure,” explains Aurélie Gevrey, head of press of the domain. Alerted by the prefecture of the Yvelines, the management has taken the decision not to open this Saturday, the access to the castle and its gardens. Visitors will be able to reuse their tickets booked in advance. The site heavily tourist refuses, however, to comment on the economic consequences related to the closure of the exceptional. “It is a question of the safety of our visitors, not of our loss,” explains Aurélie Gevrey. The event should not happen in front of the castle, not “immediately” close, writes the prefect Jacques Brot. The demonstrators who aventureraient outside the perimeter defined Friday by the authorities will risk a question.

Paris becomes a feast

In Paris, the situation is quite different. The prefecture has so far given no specific instruction. The Grand Palais and the musée du Luxembourg provide for both re-open their doors to visitors. “We had to close three Saturdays in a row”, points out the press officer of the Centre des monuments nationaux, which manages the two sites. We had more than fears.” After two Saturdays closed, the Palace of Discovery reopened its doors last week and intend to embrace the public this Saturday. Just as the Theatre of the City, which has not cancelled any representation from the 8 December. Only uncertainty: the public will be able to make representations? “Some subways may be closed,” says the director of the theatre, which is located on the line 1, which connects the Champs-Élysées.

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At the Théâtre du Rond-Point, Friday, nothing was decided. “We do not know whether it will be forced to close,” says Hélène Ducharne, press officer of the theatre is unknown if the sixth act of the “yellow vests” will take comparable proportions to those of the previous weeks. Without deposit closing for the moment, the theatre waiting for the end of the day Friday to decide, and if needed, contact the holders of the notes. In the event of termination, the subscribers will be notified individually and the website will give all the necessary information. Particularly affected by the violence of the first gatherings, the team of the Roundabout has already been reimbursed by their spectators injured. “Each case is different, some people have preferred to exchange their tickets to go see other shows,” points out Hélène Ducharne. Without having yet done of specific approaches, the management is hopeful that the ministry of Culture will focus on the folder. Especially as the theatre is not insured for this type of events.