Yevgeny Yurchenko resigned as President of wfla

Evgeny Yurchenko left the post of President of the Russian athletics Federation. About it reports a press-service of the club. Yurchenko thanked “all not indifferent to destiny of the Russian athletics” experts, and also noted the work of the members of the Bureau and of the Commission of athletes of the Federation, “which faced very serious difficulties of the protracted crisis.” He expressed hope that the new head of the club will be able to make progress in relations with the World Athletics. Recall that Yurchenko was elected President of the Federation of 28 February. Earlier it was reported that the Council of the International Association of athletics federations (World Athletics) at the end of July may decide on a total ban for the Russian athletes participating in international competitions in any status. The reason — the refusal of the club in the period prior to July 1, 2020 to pay a fine in the amount of $5 million, which was imposed on the organization for his involvement in the fraud documents jumper Danil Lysenko suspected anti-doping rule violation. Moreover, the Council may make a recommendation to the Congress World Athletics completely eliminate wfla from the international Federation. In this case, the national team of Russia in athletics may miss the second to host the Olympics. In turn, the Russian sportsmen — the world champion in the hurdles Sergey Shubenkov, world champion in pole vault Angelica Sidorova and three-time world champion in high jump Maria Laecken — appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin with the request to pay attention to the “catastrophic situation” in athletics. They stressed that the crisis in the sport lasts from 2015. “We stand on the threshold of a final collapse and destruction of athletics,” stated they.

we Also learned that one of the most promising athletes of the world, 16-year-old Matvey Volkov plans to change SPOtivnoe citizenship. According to his father and coach Konstantin Volkov, the reason for this decision was a ban on the performance of the athletes from Russia under a neutral flag from the World Athletics. He said that interest from another country there is a letter requesting the transfer has already been written in WA.

Volkov said that he didn’t want to “because of the stupid actions of officials” Matthew was in the position discriminated athlete.

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