Three people, including a boy of six years old, were killed Sunday and several others were injured when a shooter, 19-year-old opened fire during a food festival in Gilroy California, south of San Francisco. In addition to the child, a 13 year old girl and a man twenty years are dead. The shooter has been shot dead by the security forces shortly after the beginning of the shooting after having, according to testimony, appeared to fire “randomly”.

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The shooting occurred during the Festival of the garlic, one of the main festivals of gastronomy of the country, which ended Sunday in Gilroy, a town of 50,000 inhabitants, about fifty miles from San José. This event especially family attracts every year over three days some 100,000 people, according to organizers.

witnesses terrified and unprepared

The rock band TinMan was on scene when its leader, Christian Swain, has heard a noise like firecrackers. “Disputes erupt regularly and we always advise to continue to play,” he says in the Los Angeles Time . This will calm the people…” The first to have been aware of the seriousness of the situation is the guitarist for the band Jack van Breen. But Christian Swain, who unlike his friend could not see the shooter, says he has “been struck by the smell and the noise.” “Impossible to confuse with any other, there has been a twenty explosions in a matter of seconds”, looks back from there. The musicians have noticed that the shots came from a large tent, where a majority of the public was gathered. They then left the scene running for shelter.

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The United States are regularly bereaved by shootings of this type. The right to own a weapon is guaranteed in the country by the second amendment to the Constitution. The Festival of the garlic, which ended Sunday. Monday, Christian Swain was in shock: “This festival is one of our favorites. We were so happy to attend and close it. We had fun and it was a good time. And suddenly it became awful.”