“The old Taylor can’t answer the phone for the time. Why? Oh, because she is dead!” sang Taylor Swift in 2017 in his song Look What You Made Me Do . This break was noticed with his past, pop star takes it all the more now that she is preparing the release of his new album, Lover , scheduled for the month of August. Deemed to to stay away from the political affairs of his country, the american singer changes her image and now displays it with aplomb its commitments.

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a full month of Pride, it is to the LGBT community that she dedicates her latest single, You Need To Calm Down (“You should calm down”). In a video unveiled on Monday, Taylor Swift sings in a swimming pool and sunbathing while a small crowd virulent protests against homosexuality. The cast is five-star: the presenter Ellen DeGeneres, the singer, Hayley Kiyoko, the coaches of the issuance of Netflix Queer Eye , the drag queen RuPaul, the youtubeuse Hanna Hart, the actor Billy Porter… all are influential within the LGBT community. On the way, Taylor Swift is rabiboche with Katy Perry, his best enemy.

In addressing the “haters” that abound on the Net as in the streets, Taylor Swift records her song the most political. “The sun shines on the parade, which parade in the streets, but you prefer to stay stuck in the Middle Ages. To do this sign has had you take all night”, making fun of it before continuing, more explicit: “You should just sit a little and then attempt to restore the peace. And control your impulses to do more shouting about all the people that you hate, because throwing spikes has never made a person less gay”. At the end of the video, the audience is invited to commit to that “the laws treat equally all citizens” by signing the petition of Taylor Swift in favor of the Equality Act on the website Change.org. Until here, the text has collected nearly 200,000 signatories.

Committed to combating “hate and bigotry”

when Asked by Paris Match may 25, Taylor Swift expresses his need to the recent awareness of the youth in political life. Last October, the singer had expressed support for two Democrats, one for his nomination in the Senate, the other to the House of Representatives, inspiring nearly 170,000 people to go and vote and incurring the wrath of many Republicans, including the President Trump himself. While the Equality Act debate in the United States, the pop icon has shared his support of this bill to protect people from discrimination based on sexuality and gender identity.

“If my popularity allows me to focus on certain topics, it is my duty to do so. I’ve done it. And I am convinced that I will continue.”

Taylor Swift, Paris Match

“I have decided to start this month of Pride celebrations, by writing a letter to one of my senators to explain to him how I think that it is necessary that the Equality Act to be voted on. I strongly encourage you to write to your tour to your senators,” she shared to her millions of followers at the beginning of June. “The politicians need votes to keep their jobs. The votes come from the people. […] The fact that, legally, people can be completely at the mercy of the hatred and bigotry of others is repugnant and unacceptable.” On June 14, she performed on stage at the Stonewall inn to celebrate 50 years of the riots that led to the first gay Pride March in New York, in 1970.

far from the darkness of his previous album, Reputation , the artist has chosen “love” as the “theme” for Lover , of which the promotion campaign started at the end of the month of April with their first single, to ME! , in which she encouraged her audience to love him as he is. Composed of eighteen songs, this seventh album will be released on 23 August in the bins.

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