Young kaluzhanin for money pretended to be a prostitute

In the Kaluga region the police detained a suspect in the fraud under the pretext of providing sexual services.

Kaluzhanin called the police telling that to the site to provide sexual services it photos chose a girl and called the listed there phone number, agreeing on the meeting place and the price of the service.

In a prepaid account he transferred the money, but the interviewee said that payment failed and asked to repeat the operation — it happened several times. Thus the man moved her a total of about 27 thousand rubles. Then she stopped answering calls.

the police opened a case of fraud. The suspect was a 19-year-old resident of the Orenburg region. He is suspected in the theft of more than 9 thousand rubles even one of Kaluga. Also he is accused of two episodes of fraud against two residents of Obninsk.

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