Justine Vayrac, mother of a two-and-a-half-year-old child, has not been seen since Sunday morning, around 4 a.m., near the “La Charrette” nightclub where she spent the evening.

Citing witnesses, the public prosecutor of Brive, Emilie Abrantes, had indicated Tuesday evening in a press release that the young woman “would have been seen for the last time in the company of (the) young man” placed in police custody, “a friendly acquaintance met a few times in the nightclub”.

The investigators “highlighted the presence of traces of blood in the home of the person concerned, in his room, but also in his vehicle at the level of the gear lever knob”, declared the magistrate on Wednesday during a press briefing.

“DNA analyzes are currently underway to establish the genetic profile that may correspond to these traces of blood,” she added.

“In addition, Justine Vayrac’s handbag, containing personal effects, was discovered charred near the home of the detainee”, in Beynat, a village located about twenty kilometers east of Brive, a- she continued.

“At the end of the police custody, which will end tomorrow (Thursday) morning, at this stage of the investigations, we are moving towards the opening of a judicial investigation before a magistrate of the criminal center of Limoges”, a- she concluded.

– Hunts and divers –

Justine Vayrac’s mother was worried about not having heard from since Sunday because she has “fusional” relations with her daughter who “lives 50 meters from her home”, in Tauriac (Lot), about forty kilometers de Brive, she explained to an AFP correspondent.

She added that Justine Vayrac no longer lived with the father of her child, who lives in Toulouse, but that things between them were going “well” and that she had custody of the little boy.

According to the search notice issued by the police, the young woman has medium-length and smooth brown hair, light eyes and is 1.65 m tall. At the time of her disappearance, she was wearing a pastel pink dress and white Converse brand sneakers.

“Significant resources have been mobilized to try to find Justine Vayrac in particular and, from Monday evening, the use of dog teams, but also an overview of the disappearance zone by a helicopter from the national gendarmerie”, specified Ms. Abrantes. .

On Wednesday afternoon, a new “beat was organized around the home of the person in custody, 80 gendarmes and police officers searched the area, helped by a tracker dog specializing in the search for people”, as well as a helicopter and a drone with thermal cameras, she added.

The hunt was still underway Wednesday around 6:00 p.m. near a farm in Beynat, noted an AFP photographer.

Teams of divers are also probing several bodies of water in the immediate vicinity of the home of the person placed in police custody.