In Bashkiria was held to protest against deforestation on the Shihan of Kustow. Thousands of people formed a human chain, reports

the Chain started from the village of urnyak and reached the village of Bielsko. According to various estimates, the rally was attended by about three thousand people. However, many came from other districts of the Republic.

About 3 thousand people in Bashkiria today came out in defense of mount Kustow that wants to destroy the United Khabirov and the oligarchs of BSK, who don’t even live in Russia. People shouting “Hands off Kustow, Kustow, live”, “Khabirov, go away”, “Khabarovsk, we are with you”. #Of kustow #of Metacost

— Headquarters of Navalny in Ufa (@teamnavalny_ufa) August 9, 2020

People chanted “Hands off Kustow!”. The activists also expressed support for the residents of Khabarovsk who are protesting for more than a month, take to the streets in support of the arrested Governor Sergey Furgala and need to return it to the region.

Recall that in 2019 Bashkir soda company has received a license to develop Sheehan of Coustau — she plans to produce limestone for the production of soda. In forest areas is already cutting down trees. Biologists are confident that this will lead to the complete destruction Sheehan, will be broken habitats of rare and endangered species of animals and birds.