He is critical of Putin in the United States and Trump in Russia. That would target it in China? In his latest book, Yuval Noah Harari redirects his reproaches, according to what is most appropriate to the country in which it is published. It is recognised as having validated some changes to avoid that 21 lessons for the Twenty-first century not be censored by the Russian authorities. The writer has especially replaced a passage denouncing the lies of Vladimir Putin about the Russian invasion in the Crimea by a condemnation of the fake news spoken by Donald Trump, as the spotted Newsweek.

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In the american version of his book, one could read about the Russian invasion in the Crimea that “the Russian government and president Putin in person several times belied the fact that the troops were Russian and described them as “units having” spontaneous”. “When they make statements as ridiculous as Putin and his associates knew perfectly well that they lied,” says the author.

These sentences were removed from the Russian edition. Instead, Harari uses the example of president Trump: “According to the Washington Post , the president, Trump has done more than 6,000 false claims since the beginning of its mandate.” “In a speech delivered on may 28, 2018, on 98 the facts advanced by Trump, 76% were found to be incorrect, misleading or without foundation,” he continued.

“I faced a dilemma,”

In an interview with the israeli newspaper Haaretz , author of Sapiens says he has tried to “go around the wall” of censorship, without changing the main arguments of the book. “You warned me that due to some examples, the censorship of the Russian would not allow the distribution of the book. So I faced a dilemma. Either I replace these examples with others and I published the book in Russia, I do not changed nothing and I don’t published nothing”, he says.

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The israeli historian, explains that it chose the first option because it seemed important that the ideas of his book penetrate this major power that is Russia. He reiterates that he does not endorse censorship, in any form whatsoever, but it has to do with. And according to him, the book remains very critical of the Russian regime. “The Russian translation alert when even the readers about the dangers of dictatorship, corruption, homophobia and extremist nationalism”, she defends it.

other changes made without his knowledge

However, Mr. Harari said not to have approved any changes made by the Russian authorities. “I’ve learned that there may have been other changes that are not permitted in the text, made without as I am aware. If this is true, I am firmly opposed to these unauthorized alterations, and I will do my best to fix them.”