They have kept their promise. The streamers of Z Event, mobilized last weekend to collect donations for Doctors without borders, gathered Friday evening to honor the last part of their contract. All of them had imposed a “donation goals”, claims to fill in based on the amounts they received. Gotaga, the pro player from Fortnite, had announced that he would stop smoking if it was made up of € 75,000 ; Mister MV that he would organize a tournament of the obscure Binding of Isaac if it passed the bar of 100,000 euros. As to Zerator, great organizer for Z Event, he was able to engage the word of most of the 38 streamers present in a total amount of gifts: if they passed the bar of one million euros, gamers are raseraient the head. “It was a bit of a gag in the beginning, did not really believe in,” explain Zerator, and Dach, the two organizers of the event.

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What was supposed to happen, happened: shortly after midnight, on the night of Sunday to Monday, the collection of ZEvent has finally reached 1,094 million euros collected from hundreds of thousands of viewers of the event. It remained therefore to pass the act, and, in this case, under the mower.

19 h, the streamers of Z Event prior to the passage of the mower. Capture Twitter ZeratoRSC2

The streamers met in Paris, in the “Gotaga House”, the studio of the streamer. In front of 70,000 spectators, Zerator was the first to entrust her hair to Alderiate, streamer which has long had a shaved head but who by his own admission is not a professional hairdresser. Fifteen other streamers have followed. “No one has forced anyone, it was really on a voluntary basis,” said Zerator while he was under the mower.

21 h, at the end of operations. Capture Twitter ZeratoRSC2

According to the latest figures released by the team, the edition 2018 to Z Event has attracted nearly 1.5 million different viewers between Friday 20 a.m. and Monday morning at 1 h. The peak audience was recorded in the last minutes of the marathon when more than 405.000 viewers were connected at the same time on different streams to be distributed.

In September 2017, the merry band of fans of video games had already impressed the world by collecting, the time of a weekend, 510.000 euros for the red Cross and victims of hurricane Irma.

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