“Being a girl is easy, this is not a pejorative”. Hold-the you for said. Zahia Dehar, 27 years old escort girl, formerly a star of the behind the scenes of a football field, wants to sing in A girl easy , from director Rebecca Zlotowski as a hymn to freedom. A short first trailer has been released. The girl appears to be playful, joyful, tender, on the bottom of the Hungarian Melody D. 817 Schubert, guitar, on the shores of the Mediterranean. And particularly bare, especially in some of the filmed images in a long pool in the sun.

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A girl easy follows two cousins, one summer in Cannes: Sofia (Zahia Dehar), who sleeps with wealthy men and covered in gifts, and Naima (Mina Farid) is the youngest, attracted by the lure of luxury and fall prey to the discovery of desire. “I have always admired these women who are completely free that are resistant to the expectations and restrictions of society”, has blown the former escort girl BFMTV. Associate professor in language and literature, the French filmmaker Rebecca Zlotowski, who Planetarium and Grand Central sees his film as a “project of a feminist”, a hymn to the autonomy and independence of the woman. And does not refuse a certain parity with The collector by Eric Rohmer.

award-Winning at the directors ‘Fortnight

The film has received Thursday, at the directors’ Fortnight, the most prestigious competition in the Festival, the SACD award (Société des auteurs compositeurs dramatiques). The successor to Freedom! , a comedy by Pierre Salvadori, who had received in the past year. A girl easy does not yet have an official release date.

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The former escort girl had agreed, despite her notoriety on the occasion of the scandal involving players of the team of France who had used his services when she was a child. Since then, she has surfed on this reputation to expand the projects in the fashion and cosmetics industries. In 2015, the young woman had pariticpé to the inauguration of the exhibition dedicated to Gérard Garouste at the Maeght foundation. In the same year, she posed for the artists Pierre Gilles in a Marianne naked.